Posted by: templebaptistchurch | October 26, 2009

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the new website of Temple Baptist Church!  Our old site is no longer in existence since it was hosted on GeoCities which has officially closed on October 26th (though you can still see the old site at the Internet Archive if you’d like).  However, hopefully this will be a blessing in disguise, and we pray that this new website will be a blessing to many.  Let us know if you think we should add something to the site, or if something on the site doesn’t work for you.

Don’t forget to bookmark this site, and check back frequently for updates …



  1. I like what I see this is the first time i have been on your site it is great

  2. Thank you for being a lighthouse in such a stormy and dark world.

  3. Thank you for being faithful and a light shining to a dark world. There are many churches out there that proclaim the Gospel and has taken some compromises to their growth in their churches; but you are one that stands firm on His Word with authority from God for which I am greatful.

    I would like to suggest that you add ministeries like Sunday School and youth involved in soul winning. 🙂

    God Bless you,

    Phyllis Borden

  4. Great website! It’s wonderful to see God working in other churches! God Bless!!

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