Our Missionaries


God only had one Son and He was a missionary. We personally thank the Lord each day for allowing us to have a part in souls for Christ around the world! Also, we want to thank each missionary for allowing us to have both a part in their ministry and their reward in heaven for the souls won to Christ. Missionaries are a blessing to Temple Baptist Church, not a burden!

Missionaries Supported Through Temple Baptist Church

1 Thessalonians 5:25 – “Brethren, pray for us.”

Sharon Garrett Family – Missionary Widow

Carolyn Hultquist Family – Missionary Widow

Randy Alderman Family – Togo

Rodney Proctor Family – Hispanics

Ronnie Waters Family – Church Planting

Terry King Family – America’s Youth

Mike Caudle Family – Canada

Steve Green Family – Prison Ministry

Jerry Alford Family – Venezuela

Joyce Todd Family – Missionary Widow

Rebecca Walker – Ghana

David Warner Family – Church Planting

Ron Smith Family – U. S. Military

Elwood Hurst Family – Micronesia

Dan Dubbe Family – Germany

Brian Shannon Family – American Indians

Richard Johnson Family – Church Planting

Jimmie Clark – Evangelist

Rudy Waff Family – Bolivia

Dan Post Family – Canada

Rey Villarreal Family – Mexico

Tammy Hein – Widow

Paul Pritchard, JR Family – Missionary Evangelist

Plato Shepherd Family – Church Planting

Ronnie Downey Family – Wales

David Edens Family – Niger

Tim Jett Family – Church Planting

Roger Tooley Family – England

James Burgess Family – Canada

Chris Murray Family – Philippines

Sonny Dix Family – Philippines

Curtis Couch Family – Chile

Joshua Shue Family – Mexico

Bruce Rosko Family – U.S. Military

David Lewis Family – U.S. Military

Richard Guay Family – Thailand

Richard Murphy Family – Printing

Carroll Hughes Family – American Indians

David Roth Family – Prisons

Jerrold Myers Family – South Africa

Duain Whittemore Family – USA

Paul Pritchard Family – Missions Evangelist

Rodolfo Garcia Family – Mexico

Ann Montgomery – Missionary’s Widow

Larry Noland Family – Arctic Canada

Chris Shull Family – Greenland

Jason Kersh Family – Prisons

LeeEtta Hornbeck Family – Military

Bruce Cook Family – Canada

Franklin Raddish Family – Washington, D.C.

Todd Caudle Family – Canada

Michael Hart Family – Colombia

Dwayne Harrison Family – Ghana

Todd Caudle Family – Canada

Phyllis Ammons  – Widow

Bill Mason Family – Children Clubs

Michael Trumpo Family – Philippines

Dwight Martin Family – Hispanics USA

Matt Sutton Family – Arctic Alaska

Max Alderman Family – Evangelist

Kathy Gardner Family – Widow

Jeremy Cooley Family – Liechtenstein

Jerry Nye Family – USA

Jeremy Ingalls Family – Bibles

Michael Mullins Family – Chili

Richard Hughes – Evangelist

Sam Quinn Family – England

Randy Hayes – USA

Stephen Villarreal – Mexico

Tabernacle Children’s Home

Hope Tract Ministry

J.C. Guilbaud Family – Costa Rica

David Harrelson Family – Prisons

Frank Patton Family – Prisons

Mike Staley Family – Military

Preston Cronan Family – Wales

Paul Tipton Family – Nicaragua

Danny Ward Family – Mexico

Wesley Pittman Family – USA

Francis Thomas Family – Prisons

Adam Ragsdale Family – Thailand

Jim Post Family – Israel

Howard Miller Family – Philippines

Bill Richburg Family – Victory Baptist Press

Clifford Middlebrooks Family – Nicaragua

Stephen Wilhelm Family – Romania

Dwight Talbot Family – Canada

James Sechrest Family – Furlough Replacement

Mike Glisson Family – Asia

Andy Smith Family – China

Herbert Moore Family – Victory Baptist Press

Eduardo Perez Family – Thailand

Jens Looney Family – Indonesia

Bruce Stuart Family – Liberia

Joshua Aumaea Family – Papua New Guinea

Victory Baptist Press

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